Aatay aur Badam kay Ladoo recipe in Urdu


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  1. Rice flour 3 cups
  2. Almonds 2 table spoons (peeled and chopped)
  3. Brown sugar 1.5 cups
  4. Khoya ½ cup
  5. Small Cardamom ½ tea spoon (mashed)
  6. Milk powder 1 cup
  7. Fried white sesame as per required
  8. Ghee 2 cups


Mix “Khoya” and almonds in a cup. Now pour the ghee in the cooking pan and cook it. Now mix the cardamom, rice flour and fry it on low flame until it start reflecting golden shade. Then put out the fried flour in a cup. Now add the milk powder and brown sugar in it and mix it well. Then make the balls of this mixture, by your hands and don’t forget to fill the “Khoya” inside these balls. By repeating this process, make balls of the whole mixture. Now put a little butter on these balls, paste the sesames on these balls and serve it to others. For further details, concern the topic below “aatay aur badam kay ladoo
recipe in urdu”.

Aatay aur Badam kay Ladoo