Achari Mutton Chanp: How to Cook Oven Baked Mutton Chops


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  1. Mutton “chanp” 8
  2. Fennel 5g
  3. Big cardamom 2g
  4. Black pepper 5g
  5. Chat masala 5g
  6. Long 3g
  7. Garlic paste 10g
  8. Ginger paste 10g
  9. Gram flour 10g
  10. Lemon juice 15ml
  11. Mustered oil 50ml
  12. Mustard 5g
  13. Nigella seeds 5g
  14. Raw papaya 1 small piece to flux the meat
  15. Red chili powder 15g
  16. Salt as per required
  17. Yogurt 50g


Flat the “chanps” with a hammer. Now put the papaya, ginger paste, garlic paste and salt on the “chanps” and put them aside. Then fry the gram flour in a pan until it becomes light brown and spread it on the “chanps”. Now mix the rest of the ingredients (except chat masala and lemon juice) in the yogurt and make it a thin paste. Now soak the “chanps” in this paste. Turn on the oven on 175 degrees. Put the “chanps” on the skewer and roast them well. Then take them off the skewer and pour the “caht masala” and lemon juice on them and serve them. 4 to 5 persons can enjoy this delicious dish. The preparation time for this dish is 2.5 hours and the cooking time is 30 minutes. Details in Urdu for this topic “Achari Mutton Chanp: How to Cook Oven Baked Mutton Chops” is available below. 

Achari Mutton ChanpAchari Mutton Chanp Preparation