Badam kay Shami Kabab Recipe in Urdu


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Badam Walay Shami Kabab

If you were looking for “badam kay shami kabab recipe in Urdu”, it is the right place for you. “Kabab” is a very famous Arabic dish, which has become a part of our tradition. “Shami Kababs” have different types, but “badam kay shami kabab”are rich in taste and are more often included in the meals of our special events. People like them more when these are served with rice.


  1. Minced mutton 1kg
  2. Gram lentils 30g
  3. Red chili raw 5
  4. Green pepper raw 5
  5. Big cardamom 5
  6. “Tez pata” 5
  7. Cinnamon 5
  8. Cloves 10
  9. Water 2 liters
  10. Eggs 3
  11. Salt 10g
  12. Almonds (fried) 60g
  13. Oil as per requirement


Boil the minced mutton along with the gram lentils, red chili, green pepper and the rest of the spices. Now separate the raw spices from the minced meat. Then add eggs, almonds and salt in the minced meat and mix it well. Now make “kababs” from this mixture with your hands as the shape given in the picture. Now fry them in the oil and serve these hot delicious “shami kababs” to 4 persons. The preparation time for this dish is 1 hour and the cooking time is up to 20 minutes. For further details about “badam kay shami kabab recipe in urdu”, concern the topic below.
Badam Kay Shami Kabab[ad#ad-2]Badam Kay Shami Kabab Preparation