Beef Almond Kabab Recipe by Chef Zakir


Beef Almond Kabab
Beef Almond Kabab
In this post, we will tell you about the beef almond “kabab” recipe by chef Zakir. Chef Zakir is famous for his most tasty and delicious dishes. Beef and almondsis a good combination to provide lot of nutrition and it is tasty as well. It’s a delicious dish, which reflects our traditions in a more fascinating way.


  1. Minced beef 300g
  2. Garlic 4
  3. Cinnamon ½ tea spoon
  4. Ginger 1 piece
  5. Almonds 200g
  6. Spice mixture powder 1 tea spoon
  7. Onion 1
  8. Tomato 1
  9. Ghee as per required
  10. Parsley ¼ bundles
  11. Mint ½ bundle
  12. Egg 1
  13. Salt as per your taste


Boil 100g almonds and peel them. Put minced beef, salt, ginger, garlic and almonds in the chopper and chop them. After that, add onion, parsley, mint and chop again. Now add chopped tomato in the minced beef, add some more parsley and mint in it and mix it with your hands. Now add the egg in that mixture and mix it to soften the beef. Then chop the remaining almonds. Now make the “kababs” out of the minced beef and add some chopped almonds in them. Then fry the “kababs” in the pan and decorate them along with raw fresh salad. The beef almond “kababs” are ready to eat or serve. To read the beef almond kabab recipe by chef Zakir in Urdu, consult the topic below.
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