Charga Masala Recipe by Chef Gulzaar


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1 ½ kg Full Chicken
6 tbsp Chaat Masala
1/2 Cup Lemon Juice
3 Pieces Lemon
1 tbsp Gulzar special spice
4 pieces Lettuce Leaf
1 ½ tsp Brown farina
Oil for Fry


  • At first, we have to mix lemon juice, Gulzar special spice and brown farina to make a spicy paste and apply it on the chicken.
  • Now, rap it with the plastic cover and preserve it for two hours.
  • After two hours when the paste is absorbed in the chicken then place chicken on the steamer for 30 minutes.
  • In the next step, heat the oil in an open saucepan and fry chicken until it gets golden brown.
  • After this spread chaatmasalah on it and serve it with lettuce leafs.

For Gulzar Special Spice:

To make Gulzar special spice takes:
125g Kashmiri Chilli
125 g Rajhistani red pepper
100 g White cumin seed
1tbsp Pippariya
4 tbsp Coriander
6 pieces Cloves
10 pieces Small green cardamom
4 Flower  Aniseed
1tsp Mace
First of all add the ingredients and mix them well. After that fry this mixture on TAWWA. Now mix the all ingredients and use it as required.

Charga Masala Recipe in Urdu