Dum Pukht Chicken Biryani Recipe in Urdu


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1 kg chicken
4 tsp gram masala
1 kg rice
1 ¼ cup chopped onions
1 ½ cup yogurt
4 tsp chopped mint leaves
3 tbsp garlic & ginger paste
2 tbsp chopped coriander
½ tsp saffron
1 tbsp yellow chili powder
½ cup milk
1 tsp gram masala
20 cups chicken soup
250 g cooking oil


  • Mix yoghurt, ginger & garlic paste, salt, yellow chili powder, gram masala and apply this mixture on chicken pieces.
  • Heat the oil and fry 150 gm onions in it. After that, add gram masala and chicken in the pan and fry it.
  • After frying the chicken, put in the mixture that you applied to the chicken pieces, mint leaves, coriander into the pan and cook the contents until meat is cooked.
  • Prepare a mixture of saffron, 100 gm ghee and ½ cup milk.
  • Boil the rice in chicken soup and fry 200 gm of onions in a separate pan.
  • Make layers of rice, chicken and saffron mixture one on another, place a clean damp cloth on the rice and close the cooking pot making it airtight.
  • You can make a paste of flour and use it to seal the pot cover.
  • After 15 minutes, open the lid and let the steam out.
  • Take out the rice in a rice dish
    and serve.

Dum Pukht Biryani Recipe in Urdu