Kachay Qeemay ke Kabab Recipe by Chef Zakir


Kachay Keemay Kay Kabab
Kachay Keemay Kay Kabab
“Kabab” is the most famous dish of Arab and has entered into our tradition since a long time ago. It has various types to amuse your sense of taste. If you were looking for the “kachay qeemay ke kabab recipe by chef Zakir”, this page will greatly assist you. “Kababs” that are made by raw mincemeat are very delicious and you can serve them to your guests at home.


  1. Minced meat 250g
  2. Onion 1
  3. Oil 3 to 4 table spoons
  4. Green pepper 6
  5. Salt as per your taste
  6. Garlic 2 slices
  7. Cumin seeds 1 tea spoon
  8. Parsley ¼bundle
  9. Mint ¼ bundle
  10. Tomato 1
  11. Spice mixture powder as per your taste
  12. Turmeric as per required


Slice the minced meat in the chopper. Then add green pepper, onion, salt in it and mix all of them. Now take it out in a bowl. Then mash parsley and cumin seeds and add them to the minced meat. Now add chopped parsley and mint in it. Also add turmeric, spice mixture and chopped tomato. Mix them and add chopped garlic as well. Now make circle flat “kababs” with your hands. Then pour oil in the frying pan and fry them. Decorate them with the salad leaves and chopped tomatoes to serve them. Read the below content on in Urdu, “kachay qeemay ke kabab recipe by chef Zakir”.
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