Keema Paratha or Puratha Recipe in Urdu


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250g Mince
250g Wheat Flour
250g White flour
4 Green Chili
2 Black Pepper
1tsp Black Cumin Seed
125g Fine Chopped Onion
Salt to taste
Mint leaves as required


  • Knead the wheat flour, white flour and salt together in to soft dough.
  • Put the rest of the ingredients in a frying pan and cook the mince until brown.
  • Make equal sized balls of the dough, take one ball and roll it flat into a round layer.
  • Now place some cooked mince on this layer. After this roll flat another layer of the dough ball and place above the first so that the mince is between the two. Press close the ends of layers.
  • Spread the paratha layers making them thin. The thinner the paratha, the crispier would it be when ready.
  • Pre heat the pan and put the paratha on it. Apply oil around it and fry it well on low flame.
  • Turn the Paratha over so that both sides are equally cooked.
  • Take the paratha off the pan when brown and crispy, put it on a flat plate, garnish with cut mint leaves and serve.

Keema Paratha Recipe in Urdu