Keema Pulao Recipe in Urdu


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One lamb (8 kg) Lamb
1 kg butter
2 kg minced mutton
500 gm clarified butter
4 kg rice
200 gm dry fruits
1 kg chopped onions
50 gm flour
70 gm nutmeg powder
500 ml mutton stock
80 gm sweet paper


  • Mix half amount of all the spices in butter; it will become a paste like mixture then apply it on the lamb. Marinate the lamb for two hours.
  • Set the temperature of the oven 360? and roast the lamb in oven, when it gets brown then cut it in square shaped pieces.
  • Take a pan, shallow fry the sliced onions in butter, add minced mutton in it and cook it for fifteen minutes.
  • After that, mix rest of the ingredients that are rice, spices and cook it on medium heat. When it stats boiling, put the stove off.
  • Heat the butter in a separate pan, add flour and fry it for five minutes then add stock and let it to be cooked for ten minutes.
  • Take a plate in which you want to serve Keema Pulao, put in the rice then place the roasted lamb on rice. Garnish it with dry fruits and sauce.

Qeema Pulao