Khajoor ka Halwa in Urdu


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  1. Dates half cup
  2. Ghee half cup
  3. Sugar half cup
  4. Khoya ¼ kg
  5. Almonds 50g
  6. Peanuts 50g
  7. Semolina half cup
  8. Honey 3 table spoons
  9. Keurah 2 table spoons


Put the dates in the chopper and make paste of it. Then pour the oil in the pan and put the paste of dates in it. Place another pan on other burner and put three tablespoons of oil in it along with the semolina. Then fry it well and put back in the date’s pan. Then mix it well and add ‘Keurah’ and sugar. Now put the honey and water while mixing it continuously. Turn off the burner, when water has been dried from this paste. Then add the crushed almonds and peanuts along with the ‘khoya’ in the ‘halwa’ and cook it once again. Add half cup of water and cook it for several minutes, until the oil comes visible on the ‘halwa’. Now put some ‘khoya’ on the dish and serve it, enjoy it with your friends and family members.

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