Nehari Recipe by Chef Gulzar in Urdu


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  1. Black cardamom 5
  2. Black pepper raw ½ tea spoon
  3. Fennel ½ tea spoon
  4. Goat brain 1
  5. Red chili powder 2 tea spoons
  6. Cumin seeds raw ½ tea spoon
  7. “Badyan” flowers 5
  8. Oil 6 table spoons
  9. Green peppers as per required
  10. Lemon as per required
  11. Onions 2
  12. Beef undercut 1kg
  13. Ginger paste 2 tea spoons
  14. Coriander as per required
  15. Ginger chopped as per required
  16. Garlic paste 2 tea spoons
  17. Beef bones 1kg
  18. Flour 1 cup
  19. Turmeric 1 tea spoon
  20. Salt as per your taste


Put the cumin seeds, fennel, black pepper, black cardamom seeds and “badyan” flowers in the blender and blend them. Put the oil in the frying pan and fry the onion slices until they turns into pink shade. Then add the ginger paste, garlic paste and meat to the pan along with the onions. After frying that, add turmeric, red chili, salt and other spices. Now add the bone soup in it. Fry the flour on the griddle and mix it with the water. Boil the brain, adding salt and turmeric in water and then fry it. Then add the flour to the meat while shaking spoon in it. When this liquid starts to become thicker, add the brain and take it off the burner. Now spread chopped coriander, ginger and green pepper on it and the dish is ready to serve with “naan” or “roti”. For more details about the topic “nehari recipe by chef gulzar in Urdu”, concern the content below.

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