Recipe of Shahi Tukra in Urdu


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  1. 10 slices of bread
  2. 150 Gram cooking oil
  3. 1 liter cream milk
  4. 300 Gram Sugar
  5. 25 Gram pistachio
  6. 1 Gram Saffron mixed with milk
  7. 4 drops of rose water



For making a mixture, boil the water after putting sugar in it. Keep boiling to a level unless it remains half of the original quantity. After the outflow of steam, mix it with rose water. Fry the bread in cooking oil and sprinkle the blend of sugar on it. Boil the milk in pan with wider space and keep cooking the whole mixture for 30 to 40 minutes unless it gets condensed. Mix sugar and boil for more then 3 to 4 minutes. Freeze it. Now transfuse this “Thick Material” on “Tukra” and present with Saffron and pistachio. The whole process of making this delicious dish takes only 50 minutes and 4 to 5 people can enjoy this
lovely dish.

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