Sholay Kabab Recipe in Urdu


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  1. Cow meat 1 kg
  2. Ghee or oil 50g
  3. Salt as per your taste
  4. Yogurt 50g
  5. Red chili powder 20g
  6. Cumin seed powder 20g
  7. Spice mixture 10g
  8. Lemon juice 2 table spoons


First of all cut the meat into small slices. Then wash them and let them dry. Now put them in a bowl to add yogurt, red chili powder, cumin seed powder and spice mixture powder. Mix them well and put in refrigerator for one hour. Now paste some oil on the base of a tray and put the meat slices in the tray. Then put the tray inside the oven and cook them on high flame. Take the tray out after 15 minutes and the “kababs” are ready to eat. Serve them with any king of sauce. If you don’t have an oven, then cook them in a wide pan with some extra oil. The sholay kabab recipe in Urdu is also provided below for your convenience.

Sholay Kabab Recipe in urdu